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Christopher Nathan Fisher
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Aspiring Concept Artist with a long way to go.

Currently attending my third year at the Norwich University of the Arts on the Games Art and Design Course.

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  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Mumford and Sons: Dust Bowl Dance
  • Reading: The Gap Cycle: Forbidden Knowledge
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
  • Playing: Warframe, Witcher 3
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: Water
Just read an article about a few British celebrities and what they would say to their younger self starting university. As I've now mostly finished (Graduation ceremony is on the 7th) and been meaning to write a journal to summarizes my uni experiences for future reflective reading and I was stumped for a starting topic or any topic at all this seemed like a positive way to go about it.

Dear Chris

First off gonna do this like a year by year guide. Your first year (2012-2013) is going to be even now considered the best year of your life thus far. You're going to make some awesome friends despite what you think. You're going to learn a lot and best of all you're going to very happy and in the moment. Don't worry about your 2D work when looking at your course-mates work and feeling intimidated by their work. On that note none of them are as scary as you think, trust me they're all your friends at the end. Don't let living at home get you down its going to allow you to meet someone you otherwise wouldn't be able to meet, I'm going to leave you to guess. When the time comes try not to get frustrated at her over the internet not working, she's just as confused as you are and likely very homesick. Oh and don't buy that goat skin jacket, its nothing like the picture and I still haven't been able to get it not to smell of old people, you get a pretty sweet casual leather one next year anyway.

Second Year. Guess I can't say too much without spoiling things. I will start by saying bluntly you're gonna have a harder time this year but believe me it ends well, you're going to learn a few important non uni releated life lessons the very hard way and it will be very scary in places but you'll learn to stand up for yourself and have better judgement on people "Strength through adversity". I think though however you should really ask for help and not worry about people laughing at why you're scared and need help. Most importantly for you, you're going to watch you 2D work sore over these months! Annnnd yeah you're still at home, and the summer is going to be lonelier than the last. You're going to reconnect with someone very special to you but its not going to be the same and that will really hurt at first but you'll be fine. You're also going to read some awesome books which will really play into your third year. Also DON'T go to the new years party it will suck and be one of the most boring, cold, frustrating couple of nights of your life, trust me you won't miss anything by staying at home. Oh quick addendum, go home with Alex after the Gary Numan Concert you'll save yourself £60.

Third year. You're going to have some issues but only for the first half. You're going to have a surprise liaison with someone you really shouldn't and you're going to give in and its going to end a very long term freindship in the end. Just remember its not your fault despite whats said, I also know you're the one to properly break things off this time the reason you do is less than pleasant but its going to result in a lot less stress despite how much you will continue to care and worry about this person. Also and I can't stress this enough. DO NOT USE INDESIGN FOR YOU BA7 DESIGN DOCUMENT! JUST DON'T! its a bitch to use, you'll end working till literally the very last minute, you'll be stressed and tired, and while yes you will be fine grade wise you'll miss your desired grade by 3%. Use powerpoint. Also...uhhh you don't need to wrack your brain for a week trying to comprehend and explain warp theory, a page with a synopsis is sufficient.

Second half of your third year. You're going to make a lot more friends very quickly, you're going to become a lot more social and outgoing and you're going to love every minute of it and from this you're going to grow up a lot, even in terms of dress sense :P You're going to try a lot of new things and produce some really cool pieces of art. Try to stay on track with the project at much as possible, don't sit back and think that you can take it easy while you have to wait on others, keep powering through, don't worry you get a great grade but you will be internally stuck with the knowledge that despite that grade you half arsed your final project to some degree. The time between your submission and receiving your grades is going to be nerve wracking but you'll be fine. Also you will get to say all the drunken thanks you can to Nigel after the degree show and yes he takes it well, you even get a genuine hug you've been hoping for three years. Its going to be very emotional but as cliched as it is the last two weeks follow your heart get everything you've wanted to say out there. Remember to thank all your friends and tutors. Try not pester your freinds so much to play Magic The Gathering though ;)

Lil extras
When writing your blogs for uni, YES you can speak personally and don't have to write formally, this will make updating your blog a ton easier.
You're going to end up smoking, I'm not sure what to say for that, only that its going to be struggle to quit and at this time you still are trying.
Stupid but, be careful with your money. You're going to make what I can only say is ill-advised purchases. Its likely better to ignore some of the games (Till they're cheaper) and nicknacks, get your bike back on the road instead.

You're going to come out of this okay and you will have changed a lot but for the better. While you'll still be somewhat melancholy and retain your dry, dark and obscure sense of humor you will be more confident and happier with yourself as a person.
Yours with the kindest regards

Future Chris

P.S. Your mental health is going to get a lot better and you don't get certified or anything like that :P to the point a freinds parents will think you're normal ;)

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